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  • Coaching
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Booking Ideas
Great Ideas and Creative Ways to Get Appointments on Your Books
13 First Steps

Do You Need an MK Consultant

Book and Appointment

Facial Box, Fish Bowl, Table Ect. Dialog

Makeup Artist Looks

Registration Guest Cards
Fishbowl Sign
Conversational Booking
100 Leads In A Week
Facial In A Bag
Booking with Roses
Booking with Lipstick Samples
MK Money Check Up Booking
Booking Box
Party Plans Flyer
Everyday Specials
Lipstick for a Penny
Washcloth Gift Idea
Warm Chatter Information :: Dana Berry
Warm Chatter Booking Dialogue :: Dana Berry
Warm Chatter Entry Form :: Dana Berry


KISS Personality

Referrals & Booking From Classes
Walking Away From a Class Without Referrals is Like Leaving Money on the Table - Use These Ideas to Always Leave a Class with Bookings
Bookings & Referrals with Customers
Deal or No Deal Booking Idea
Deal or No Deal Labels
Deal or No Deal Coupons
Booking from Classes
Book to Look Idea
Book to Look Envelope
How to get a 2nd Appointment
Prescription for 2nd Appointment
Referral from Skin Care Classes
Referral Gift Certificates
Tic Tac Toe Referral Game

Booking Tips
67 Booking Tips
Dealing with No's
Information on Booking
Smile Back
The Art of Networking
Warm Chatter Networking
Why Doesn't She Call Me Back

Booking Scripts
Scripts to Help Your Book Your Appointments

Text Booking
Super "8" Challenge
10 Show Week
Booking Dialogues #1
Booking Dialogues #2
Bridal Script
Kim McClure's Day Care Script
$100 Free
Multiple Phone Scripts
New Booking Dialogue
Only Booking Script You Will Ever Need
Referral Dialogue
Referral Script
Simple Scripts


Hostess Information
This is information you can use once you have booked a hostess to help make the class a success
2014 Hostess Packet

Outside Order Form
Silent Hostess Packet
Hostess Go For the Gold

Coaching Tips
Ideas and things to keep in mind when coaching a class
Pre Profiling Script


Selling Tips
Ideas and information you can use to become
an expert at selling the product

IPA Tracking

Microdermabrasion - Thanks to Pat Joos
Eye Primer - Thanks to Pat Joos
Firming Eye Cream - Thanks to Pat Joos
Oil-Free Hydrating Gel - Thanks to Pat Joos
Satin Hands - Thanks to Pat Joos
Intense Moisturizing Cream - Thanks to Pat Joos
Who Is My Customer
Avoiding Wedding Mistakes for Brides
Sizzlin' Summer Sale Postcard
Weekly Accomplishment Sheet


Time Management
This information will help you manage your time, get organized,

and see what areas of your business can improve

13 Steps to Starting your Business
Weekly Plan Sheet PDF | Excel
Wedding Planner
The Car Office
Master Consultant in 6 Months
6 Month Chart - Word
Master Consultant in 4 Months
4 Month Chart - Word


Money Management
Use this information to help keep your business finance in order, focus on what activities will make you money, and get ready for tax time.

Income Tax Prep Sheet PDF | Word







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